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G. & G. Stoneworks Art {/a:t/} noun

The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power

For more than 18 years G&G Stoneworks have continued to push the boundaries of what's possible in their industry. Creating features in people's homes and businesses that transcend their flawless function by speaking to people on an emotional level - giving any space a sense of wonder and personality. 

For father and son founders, George and Gabe Groza, being able to remain artistic in an industry that's flooded by flat pack and pre-cut is what sets them apart. Not satisfied by good but obsessed with great, it's no surprise that G&G's unparalleled work has been featured in Vogue, Belle, Better Homes and Gardens, and many more.

"Every piece of stone is unique" says Gabe "That's what makes it such a great medium to work with. Whether you want marble, quartz, or something man-made like porcelain, we work with you and with the stone to create something that serves its purpose dutifully, but will stand out for decades to come!"

Another important part of G&G's business model is making sure they have access to the best stone. Having diligently built relationships with some of the world's best architects and designers, they're able to work with stone slabs their competitors can only dream of! These are just some of the reasons G&G has continuously turned heads with their beautiful benchtops, feature bathrooms, and stunning outdoor areas.

If you're looking for a company that doesn't just build, but creates, and you want to elevate your space beyond just form and function then you should call G&G Stoneworks; Artists, stonemasons, perfectionists.  
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George Groza

1946 - 2020
Former Director

One of the defining legacies left behind by George was his commitment to perfection. George was one of those rare individuals who had, both, the capacity for vision and the tenacious personality required to perfect every detail of it along the way. Each stone that he worked with, every home that features a piece of his work, they are imbued with that legacy - and so is the team that carries on his work today

Gabe Groza


Gabe founded G&G Stoneworks with his father, George, because they knew they had the capacity to do something special. For Gabe each piece of stone is a work of art in and of itself already, in just its most natural form. His innate ability to perfectly highlight each pieces natural beauty sets him apart from his peers, evidenced by the sheer weight of recognition he receives from inside the industry

Mel Groza

Mel has her own successful background in small business having run her own salon for many years before joining her husband in the family business. It was during that time she discovered her passion, and expertise in color selection, contrast, and blending. Mel is also highly skilled in all things logistics, making sure everything happens exactly when it's supposed to

Mary Groza

Mary, surviving George, has worked with G&G since the beginning. Herbeaming smile is usually the first thing anyone sees when they visit theshowroom and her friendly voice the first thing they hear when they ring. Mary's warmth and her passion for her clients are remarkably genuine, finding her satisfaction in knowing how happy you are with the finished product


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