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Marble trends 2022

One of the biggest shifts in the industry has been 'where' people envisage using marble. No longer just a fancy bench top marble is being used to enhance everything from feature walls and custom vanities to fireplaces and outdoor areas.

As artists and stonemasons, we absolutely LOVE this shift in thinking. It allows us to think far more creatively about how we can transform your space into something truly special. Perhaps the biggest trend in 2022 is custom marble builds, whether that be a sink and vanity or a custom dining table. People are valuing those 'one of a kind' projects more than ever and it's easy to see why!! 

Having something built specifically for you and your family, specific to your space, specific to the atmosphere you want to create - that is truly magical. Another great shift has been the use of bolder colours in your marble feature: Rich greens and bright oranges can add wonderful, natural contrast to any room. Again this gives us so much more freedom when creating a breathtaking piece, in particular a piece that you want fully custom designed.

One of our favourite pieces from the last 12 months is this incredible outdoor area we installed in Melbourne's South East. Working with this particular marble was painstakingly hard, but our skilled stonemasons were able to deliver a luxurious finished product of the highest quality! As you can see the process was worth it - this backyard will create a sense of wonder for generations to come!

At G&G we've proudly and passionately been creating spaces like that for over 15 years, providing a luxurious feel to any room in the house. So what are you waiting for? Call G&G and start dreaming about what we could do for you!! 

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